56806 Calf Jacket Standard   56807 Calf Jacket Premium   MILKING SLEEVES

Calf Jacket Standard

Ideal for protection against sudden changes in the weather, this tear and water-resistant jacket fits to the calf using simple Nylon straps and clip fastenings.

  • Water resistant to 3000mm

  • Breathability: 3000gsm/24h

  • Machine washable

Calf Jacket Premium

Water-tight protection from cold weather, helping calves maintain their body heat. Comfortable and easy to alter in size thanks to the fully adjustable belly, leg and chest straps.

  • Waterproof to 5000mm

  • Breathability:3000gsm/24h

  • Machine washable

Line 7 Milking Sleeves  

  • 3-layer: PVC bonded with nylon fabric

  • Resistant to most chemicals

 Thick Lubricantflat  59000  59002

Thick Lubricant Clear Gel

  • Thick general purpose gel
  • Non-spermicidal
  • Ideal for use in AI and the delivery of new-borns

Teat Dipper Cup

  • Bottle holds about 300ml
  • Standard dip cup without ‘non-return valve’

Teat Plug with Ointment

  • 20 per box
  • Vaseline ointment
  • For inserting in to the teat canal in case of teat canal adhesion, teat injuries or after surgery


 59003  MK03060-Nitrile-Gloves-Small-Box100

Udder Wipes

  • Sheet size: 20 x 20cm
  • Used as an udder paper, its crepe structure triggers a stimulatory effect
  • Made from compostable virgin pulp
  • Tearproof and biodegradable
  • For use before milking

Mastitis Teat Paddle

  • For California mastitis testing (CMT)
  • Express milk (about 2ml) from each quarter into each of the segments of the paddle

Nitrile Gloves

  • Cost effective, wrist length powder free nitrile gloves
  • Contains no natural rubber latex
  • Excellent resistance to punctures
  • Stronger and more durable than latex
 MK03056-Powdered-Latex-Gloves-Small-box100  BR01017-88cmBlue-Poly-C-Disp-Bag-BG100 BR04004-Castration-Ring-Pliers 

Powdered Latex Gloves

  • Cost effective lightly powdered latex gloves
  • Beaded cuffs for ease of application and prevention of tearing
  • Excellent sensitivity and dexterity

Poly Arm Length Gloves

  • 88cm Shoulder length gloves
  • Strong and sensitive
  • Ideal for calving or lambing
  • One standard size


Castration Rings and Pliers

  • Made from rolled rubber and packed in a handy
    re-sealable tub

  • Steel castration pliers comes with 100 free castration

 FE05054  Leg Splint Calf 2  SG04056-Halter-Cotton-12mm-CREAM

Black Bucket 14.5Ltr

  • The essential tough bucket
  • Strong durable handle that make it easy to carry
  • Perfect for transporting feed or liquids

Leg Splint

  • Invaluable in cases of calving paralysis
  • Splint is left in place for 4-7 days (as required)


Halter Cotton Cream

  • Handmade pure white cotton
  • Ideal for showing purposes
 SG04058-Cotton-Lead-Rope-12mm-Trigger  SG04052-Halter-Polyprop-16mm-WHITE  SG04053-Halter-Sheep-Show

Cotton Lead Rope 12mm

  • 12mm bleach white cotton
  • Fits all sizes of nose rings, bulls, dogs or sheep head collars

Halter Polyprop 16mm White

  • Made from pilable polypropylene
  • Strong but very soft

Halter Sheep Show 8mm

  • Hand made pure white cotton
  • Ideal for showing purposes
SG04054-Halter-Calf-Ram-Show  FE05151-Medium Hay Rack FE05156 

Show Halter

  • Hand made pure white cotton
  • Ideal for showing purposes

Hay Rack

  • Hot galvanised
  • Double 62cm x 51cm x 48cm
  • Small 50cm x 35cm x 21cm
  • Medium 70cm x 51cm x 45cm
  • Large W 194cm H 48cm D 40cm
  • Semi circle 80cm x 43cm x 67cm

Hanging Hay Feed Basket

  • Cone shape made from galvanised iron for hard wearing and hook for easy hanging
  • Height 50cm
  • Diameter Top 38cm and Bottom 14cm
 VM01042 LODI Sapphire Paste 3KG   LODI Ruby Grain 3KG

B.O.R.A Rat Bait Station

  • Dome shape allows plenty of room for rodents to feed
  • Allows for maximum run off rainwater
  • Complete with 2 x click-fast bait rods and 2 x detachable bait trays
  • *Proof of competency certificate required. When ordering this product additional information may be required prior to dispatch.

Lodi Sapphire Paste

  • A unique and highly attractive bait that can kill rodents in just a single feed
  • The active ingredient Brodifacoum is mixed with a blend of premium grade cereals that are mulched and mixed together with highly attractive peanut butter oils, this ensures the bait is rapidly taken and will control your rat or mice infestation within days.
  • *Proof of competency certificate required. When ordering this product additional information may be required prior to dispatch.

Ruby Whole Grain Bait

  • Difenaconum whole-grain bait that is highly attractive and very palatable
  • Enhanced with aniseed to attract rats and mice and encourage them to consume more
  • Contains a bitter agent to make it unpalatable to non-target animals and children
  • *Proof of competency certificate required. When ordering this product additional information may be required prior to dispatch.

Constanta 4 Cattle Clipper

  • This is the fourth generation of the Constanta clipper developed from the desire to create the perfect clipping machine
  • The weight, centre of gravity and shape ensure fatigue free clipping for the operator whilst the powerful motor gives unprecedented cutting ability even through the dirtiest hair
  • Comes in sturdy carry case c/w cattle blade 21/23 teeth (Medium)
  • Optimised ventilation provides perfect cooling of the cutter head and blades
  • Service friendly shell housing
  • Powerful motor ensures excellent cutting ability even through the dirtiest coats
  • Double stroke 2,400 strokes per minute, 400W motor, 50Hz frequency
  • Cable length 3m
  • 1490g weight


  Constanta4 Cattle