80001,80002, 80003 Hoof mat 2012  

Profi Hoof Knife

  • Wooden handle and a blade made from steel meaning they are strong and hard wearing
  • Available with Right Handed Thin Blade, Left Handed Thin Blade and Double Edged Medium Blade

Hoof Mat

  • Using a hoofmat can dramatically reduce treatment costs by improving the condition of the animals feet.
  • It gathers less dirt/muck than a conventional footbath therefore making better, eff ective use of foot treatment product.
  • Tough and durable with high abrasion resistance
  • 190 x 90 x 2.5cm
HC03006-Hoof-Cutter  Hooftreat 25L 

Hoof Cutter

  • 41cm long
  • Ideal for a wide range of hoof trimming jobs

Hoof Cleanse 2.5Ltr

  • A liquid formulation which helps to relieve the symptoms of general cattle lameness problems,particularly Digital Dermatitis
  • Free from copper sulphate and harmful organic acids and contains a dye to aid visibility
  • Use in conjunction with a footbath/hoofmats

Technovit Hoof Care Kits

  • The paste is used to bond the wooden block to the bottom of the good hoof, so that the treated hoof is raised off the ground allowing it to heal
  • Each kit is supplied with wooden blocks, liquid, powder, spatulas and mixing cups, 10 hoof kit
     Technovit scan