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        Health and Nutrition 

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Cattle Mineral Drench

Sterling Sires Mineral Drench is a fast acting, balanced, one-step nutritional supplement specially developed to rapidly boost Beef, Cow and Calf performance, for growth, fertility and muscle development.

Developed with the help of cattle farmers, Sterling Sires Mineral Drench is a liquid complementary feedstuff containing trace elements, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and prebiotics.

Sterling Sires Mineral Drench complements good livestock management, supplying a unique base of specific carbohydrate and 1-2 propandiol to help rapid absorption and bioavailability of nutrients and energy by utilising the latest nanotechnology systems for maximum effect and drenching ease.

Sheep Mineral Drench 

A fast-acting nutritional sheep drench for ewes and lambs.  Sterling Sires Mineral Drench helps avoid unnecessary financial loss due to trace element and vitamin deficiencies, and imbalances in sheep flocks.

According to nutritionists, such deficiencies and imbalances in the pasture have the greatest impact at tupping, lambing and during the growing and finishing period of lambs, which can result in profit loss.

Sterling Sires Mineral Drench contains carefully balanced quantities of premium trace elements bonded to amino acids. The organically chelated trace elements are more available to the animal and stay in the body longer. Sheep drenched with Sterling Sires Mineral Drench have a ready supply of trace elements available as and when required.



Calf Colostrum

Sterling Sires Calf Colostrum is an EBL free, easy to
mix, highly stable complementary feed for new born
calves deprived of or deficient in colostrum from the
mother. Feed to all calves requiring colostrum and/
or extra energy, preferably in the first 6 hours of life.
Weak calves and those where the mother’s colostrum
is suspect will benefit for up to 48 hours after birth.

  • Actively supports calves during the critical new-born stage
  • Simply add water and shake to mix
  • Stays mixed so it is easy to feed, even in the harshest conditions

Lamb Colostrum

Sterling Sires Lamb Colostrum is specially formulated
to give lambs an easy start. It provides four sources
of energy, immunoglobins and other essential
nutrients supporting the lambs short and long term
immunity helping to fight off disease.

Lamb Colostrum contains natural nucleotides.
Breakthrough technology means that the colostrum
draws on advances in human baby nutrition.
Nucleotides are the building blocks of all new cells,
and are essential to the creation of DNA and RNA.
Scientists now know that supplementary nucleotides
offer additional support to the immune system and
gut function.

 IMG_2731blank 22361 Lamb Syringe Group 

Lamb Reviver Tonic 30ml 

  • Aids quick recovery of weak lambs
  • Comes in an easy dose bottle
  • Contains vitamins, glucose and amino acids

Lifesaver Lamb Syringes

  • Contains double strength health providing nutrients
  • Most effective administered before the first colostrum 
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  • A nutritional supplement
  • Helps maintain healthy new born lambs
  • Helps boost nutritive status of ‘at risk’ lambs
  • Ideal for digestive upsets

 Battles Ewe Drink

  • Tonic and cordial for exhaustion after lambing
  • Suitable for administration for chills, fever etc
  • Supplied in a two application bottle